Work Rules

Enrollment in Crescendo School of Music and Ballet

The enrollment of new students in the Crescendo School of Music and Ballet lasts throughout the year. For students who are already enrolled, and continue into the next school year, the schedule is made at the beginning of the new school year.

All students apply, electronically via email, to make a reservation at the student’s place.
Every parent must sign an enrollment agreement at the beginning of their child’s first class to finalize enrollment in school.

By signing the enrollment agreement you agree to comply with this Rules of Procedure.
Any student can be written off at any time of the current year by signing a write-off agreement. The student is considered enrolled until a write-off agreement is signed.

Respecting the schedule

Each student, or group, receives a schedule. Terms should be respected. If the student is late for individual classes, the class is not extended.
If the student is late for group teaching, he / she will not be able to attend the class, in order not to interfere with the teaching of the other students.

Monthly fee for ballet classes

If the student / parent of the student informs the authorized person of the school that the student would be absent from all scheduled regular classes in the current month, he / she is obliged to pay half of the determined monthly tuition fee.
In any other case, as well as in the case of attending only part of the regular classes in the current month, the parent / guardian of the child is obliged to pay the full amount.

Buy a package or pay by invoice

The purchase of a certain package is done before the beginning of the first hour.
The student’s parent / guardian is obliged to pay the monetary compensation through an invoice for payment of installments no later than the 10th day of the current month. The school issues invoices for the current month and the payment is made exclusively electronically. Invoices are sent by e-mail by the 1st day of the current month. If you send a request for an invoice in printed form, the school will provide you with the same.
The monthly payment in equal installments is made every month with the same amount after you start teaching.
* For students who will enroll after the enrollment deadline, during the first or second semester, the monthly installment varies compared to the rest of the classes.
International diploma prices do not cover the cost of taking the exam.
If the parent enrolls a second child to attend music classes, the discount is valid only for semester payment.

Teaching period

By signing the contract and filling out the online registration form, the parent enrolls the child in the program provided for him / her at the appropriate level determined by the school after attending the trial class.
The implementation of the program will be performed in two semesters. The first semester starts from September 1 to January 31 of each current year. The second semester starts on February 1 and lasts until June 15 of each current year.
Communication with parents
Communication with parents takes place exclusively via email. Every parent can attend the class once a month (in the last hour of the month) to track their child’s progress. You can also get additional short information on some of our phones 070 328 580 and 077 900 944. You can make an appointment for an appointment with the pedagogues electronically.

Annual concerts

At the end of each school year, the Crescendo School of Music and Ballet performs an annual concert, and during the year a repertoire of existing concerts and public classes is filled. Concerts that are under our production and can be prepared / performed throughout the school year.
Attendance at concerts is optional. The application for participation in the annual concert is by filling out a form, which is sent to students at least 2 months before the premiere.
The costumes for the ballet concerts are not funded by the school.
The regularity of the rehearsals after the group teaching is of exceptional importance because these rehearsals work on additional musical and technical equalization of the students. The period of such rehearsals is about 2 months, and before the beginning of each rehearsal each student receives a schedule of rehearsals that should respects them. We recommend a maximum absence of one rehearsal for those students who have confirmed their participation in the performances.
If the student does not attend rehearsals and regular classes in ballet or music classes, or has excessive absences, his participation in the play will be less intense, depending on the presence of regular classes and scheduled rehearsals. Student participation is guaranteed if you adhere to the above rules.