Group Classes

The concept of group teaching is a new and uncharacteristic approach to work in the field of music education when it comes to the study of instruments and vocal interpretation (vocal cords, voice is an instrument).

This way of working is not practiced anywhere in the state music areas in Macedonia, in the former Yugoslavia, not even in states mind world. According to scientific methods and methodologies, according to all rules and standards are considered to have a great effect on education, not only music, is achieved in individual teaching.

However, we decided to accept this concept of the group teaching and we still adhere to it because it gave outstanding results and effects, viewed from several aspects: Socializing and making new acquaintances and friendships outside faculty, Exchange of knowledge, techniques and others related to music and the special instrument they study in the group. The group creates conditions and atmosphere for interactive and more dynamic teaching,
Creating a tourist spirit among the students that leads to them specificity and faster progress in the study of the instrument (to be better than the other in the group), Easier retention of concentration (due to dynamics) what enables successful management of the teaching unit, mutual increase and giving stimulus to overcome members in mastering the instrument (solidarity, empathy), Teamwork (developing a sense of togetherness and a desire for teamwork). success).

There are other advantages and features of a particular method of working, but
the most important thing is that the final results are calculated and that it is necessary and
must occurs to the target. The number of students in a group depends on the nature of the instrument that is taught in different classes, the number is different. The groups are formed on the basis of musical determination, age and degree of students’ knowledge. the version according to which the teaching is located is not defined in a strict framework, what allows the teaching process to be adaptable, dynamic and flexible, easy to use for both beginners and students who will notice some level of music education.

The school organizes a final concert at the end of the school year that all students participate and through the public region can clearly be see how much they have learned and progressed in the developing country as future musicians.