Veronika Karakoleva

Veronika Karakoleva from the age of 6, started her music education in the Music School “Kiro Dimov”, today OOMU “Stefan Gajdov” by studying the violin instrument. After finishing primary school, she continued his music education in the DMBUC “Ilija Nikolovski Luj” – Skopje, in the department – music theorist, with an elective subject – solo singing, in the class of Prof. Svetlana Donkovska. With the study of music, the love for classical singing is born, so it begins to develop its singing skills. 

She has won many national and international awards. In 2016 she held his first solo concert in the hall “Beli Mugri” – Veles, with a one-hour program. 

She is also a participant in international festivals. In 2017, one of her most important and significant life experiences and achievements takes place – she was awarded a diploma for a special award with 100 points in the category of solo singing at the International Competition of classical music “Art in – Veles” – Macedonia. Later, she continued to upgrade, at the Academy “Prof. Pancho Vladigerov” – Sofia, Bulgaria and improved in the field of classical music with a number of concerts in and outside Macedonia. She continues with numerous concerts in Sofia, Bulgaria. She is constantly upgrading and applying experiences from the scenes and performances that await her in the future.