Filip Dimishkovski

Filip Dimishkovski, young musician / keyboardist. He started playing jazz at the age of 14 with his teacher Damir Imeri. At the age of 18 he played in local clubs in Skopje with musicians such as Toni Kitanovski, Goce Stevkovski-Septet, Next To Silence, Sarah Mace, Conquering Lion, Ljubojna, Igor Dzambazov and Antonia Gigovska who are some of the most important bands / collaborators with . In his career he has played in many countries in the Balkans, at festivals such as Sarajevo Jazz Festival (Bosnia & Herzegovina), Skopje Jazz Festival (Macedonia), Bansko Jazz Festival (Bulgaria), D Fest (Macedonia), Sea Splash (Croatia), Street Mood Festival (Greece). His name can be found on many albums such as “Radio Ljubojna” by Ljubojna, “Reflections” by Jole Grujovski Quartet, “Floating Through Space With Sarah Mace” by Sarah Mace, “Picture” by Brama Trio, “…” by Next To Silence, “Revolution Time” by Conquering Lion and “Intermission” by DSH From 2018 to 2020 he worked as a piano teacher at the school “Roma Rock School”. In 2018, Skopje Jazz Festival awarded him the “Golden Orix” award for the best young jazz musician in Macedonia.