Aleksandra Kirovska

Aleksandra Kirovska, comes from a musical family and from an early age shows special affinities and great talent for music. Her talent comes to the fore at the age of 5 when she composes the first short compositions. Then she starts with the guitar instrument in the class of Professor Tanja Jankova. Since then he has performed at numerous concerts, competitions, seminars, master classes with professors Srdjan Tosic, Slobodan Milivojevic, Rosen Balkanski, Drilon Cocaj, Stolina Dobreva, Niklas Johansen. She has won first prizes in solfeggio and guitar at national and international competitions. In 2019, she was selected as the youngest participant in the International Festival “Sarajevo Winter” in Sarajevo among world artists and her concert met with great criticism. The same year she won the first prize at the international competition “Polychimnia”. She makes her own guitar arrangements, and in the last year she has started composing her own guitar compositions. In 2017, 2018 and 2019 he holds several solo recitals in Skopje and throughout the country, which are met with excellent reviews. In September 2019 he performs at the Clavierhaus in New York. In September 2021 he holds 5 solo recitals throughout the country (Negotino, Gevgelija), in Skopje, a solo concert in Belgrade, and performs at an exhibition in Belgrade where works by artists from Japan, the United States, Canada, Poland, Austria and many others were exhibited. Lazarevski and Slobodan Milivojevic.