Еnrollment deadlines for all ballet students

The applications for the school year take place in three enrollment deadlines and are mandatory for all students from the ballet department.

The application is done electronically by filling out the form below.

First enrollment period: August 15 – September 1

Second enrollment period: September 1 – October 1

Third enrollment period: January 15 – February 1

If the capacity of the school is fulfilled in the first enrollment period, the second and third enrollment period will not be held.

It is mandatory to fill in and sign the enrollment agreement, which you can obtain electronically and bring to the school premises for verification. If you want to get a printed form of the contract, you can request it and pick it up at the school.

For students who continue to attend classes:

Already enrolled students for whom the parent or legal guardian has not written off from school by August 1 of the current year, the school considers that the student continues education in the school. Agreements signed with the parent or legal guardian are not re-signed. The school informs the parent or legal guardian about the new distribution of levels and groups of students by e-mail, where it will clearly state the date and the level at which the student passes to the next season.

For newly enrolled students:

By filling in the electronic application, a place in the school is reserved, which gives the student a free trial, which can be visited no later than five working days from the day of submitting the application. Otherwise, after five working days, your application will be considered invalid due to the limited capacity of the school.

After visiting the trial hour, you decide whether the enrollment agreement will be concluded in the current year.

Students enrolling in school for the first time are required to sign a contract on the day of the first ballet class, otherwise they will not be able to start attending classes.

After signing the contract you will receive a notification to your e-mail address for all the necessary information regarding the schedule and terms of the groups.